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American IronHorse was an American motorcycle manufacturer that was founded in 1995 by Tim Edmundson and Bill Rucker.[1] At one time, AIH was the largest factory producer of custom motorcycles in the USA. Their 224,000-square-foot (20,800 m2) factory was located in Fort Worth, Texas, and housed the complete manufacturing process under a single roof. Although most (305) parts for the bikes were made in-house, such as the seats and wheels, all American IronHorse motorcycles were built with S&S engines and were assembled in-house. In Spring 2008, American Ironhorse ceased production on all cycles and most company assets were liquidated at auction.[2][3]


an American IronHorse Custom Texas Chopper in Hamburg, Germany


  • 10th Anniversary Texas Chopper[4]
  • Bandit[5]
  • Classic[6]
  • Roadster[7]
  • SR Roadster[8]
  • Stalker[9]
  • Thunder[10]
  • XR Thunder[11]
  • YR Classic[12]
  • ZR Slammer[13]
  • Texas Chopper-Softtail
  • Legend-Softtail
  • Slammer-Adjustable Air Ride, named 2007 Bike of the Year by V-twin magazine[citation needed]
  • LSC-Lone Star Chopper "Rigid
  • Tejas-Rigid
  • Outlaw-Softail
  • Bandera-Softail
  • Classic Chop-Softail
  • Judge-Softail
  • Ironhorse Ranger

"Ironhorse Bagger


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