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American IronHorse was an American motorcycle manufacturer that was founded in 1995 by Tim Edmundson and Bill Rucker.[1] At one time, AIH was the largest factory producer of custom motorcycles in the USA. Their 224,000-square-foot (20,800 m2) factory was located in Fort Worth, Texas, and housed the complete manufacturing process under a single roof. Although most (305) parts for the bikes were made in-house, such as the seats and wheels, all American IronHorse motorcycles were built with S&S engines and were assembled in-house. In Spring 2008, American Ironhorse ceased production on all cycles and most company assets were liquidated at auction.[2] William (Bill) Rucker sold his 45% interest in the company due to disagreements with the then current board of directors who desired to take the company public and Rucker wanted to keep the company private. AIH over the next 4 years had 5 CEOs attempting to replicate the success with Rucker enjoyed during his tenure, the final CEO Buck Hendricson run company during second bankruptcy after purchase by Textron Inc in bankruptcy court. Textron liquidated company in 2008 due to lack of operating capitol and a solid business plan to capture the failing custom bike market in 2008.


an American IronHorse Custom Texas Chopper in Hamburg, Germany


  • 10th Anniversary Texas Chopper[3]
  • Bandit[4]
  • Classic[5]
  • Roadster[6]
  • SR Roadster[7]
  • Stalker[8]
  • Thunder[9]
  • XR Thunder[10]
  • YR Classic[11]
  • ZR Slammer[12]
  • Texas Chopper-Softtail
  • Legend-Softtail
  • Slammer-Adjustable Air Ride, named 2007 Bike of the Year by V-twin magazine[citation needed]
  • LSC-Lone Star Chopper "Rigid
  • Tejas-Rigid
  • Outlaw-Softail
  • Bandera-Softail
  • Classic Chop-Softail
  • Judge-Softail
  • Ironhorse Ranger

"Ironhorse Bagger


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