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Ban Johnson in 1921
Will Harridge's plaque in the Baseball Hall of Fame

The American League President was the president of the American League of Major League Baseball until 1999, when the AL and National League completely merged.

Following the 1999 season, the American and National Leagues were merged with Major League Baseball, and the leagues ceased to exist as business entities. The position of the American League President and National League President became honorary.

American League Presidents[edit]

dagger Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame
* Honorary President
Name Years Ref
Johnson, BanBan Johnsondagger 1901–1927
Navin, FrankFrank Navin 1927
Barnard, ErnestErnest Barnard 1927–1931
Harridge, WillWill Harridgedagger 1931–1959
Cronin, JoeJoe Cronindagger 1959–1973
MacPhail, LeeLee MacPhaildagger 1973–1984
Brown, BobbyBobby Brown 1984–1994
Budig, GeneGene Budig 1994–1999
Autry, JackieJackie Autry* 2000–2015
Robinson, FrankFrank Robinsondagger* 2015–present

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