American Association for Nude Recreation

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PredecessorInternational Nudist Conference (INC)
American Sunbathing Association (ASA)
EstablishedApril 12, 1931; 90 years ago (1931-04-12)
FoundersKurt Barthel, Ilsley Boone
PurposeNaturist advocacy
HeadquartersKissimmee, Florida, United States
United States, Canada, Mexico, French West Indies, Virgin Islands, and St. Martin.
ServicesMembership organization, newsletter publisher, education/advocacy
Membership (2015)
over 30,000 members and more than 200 clubs
Erich Schuttauf

The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) is a naturist organization based in the United States.

The AANR is the largest, longest-established organization of its kind in North America. It was founded in 1931 under its previous name American Sunbathing Association. Approximately 200 nudist resorts, clubs, and businesses choose to affiliate with AANR, and AANR serves over 30,000 members in the United States, Canada, Mexico, French West Indies, Virgin Islands, and St. Martin.

The AANR promotes the benefits of wholesome nude family recreation and works to protect the rights of nudists in appropriate settings, such as sanctioned nude beaches and public lands set aside for that use; as well as homes, private backyards, plus AANR-affiliated clubs, campgrounds and resorts.

The AANR uses a portion of its collected membership fees to be politically active by campaigning and lobbying governments fighting to allow nudism in the US and Canada.[2]


In 1929 Kurt Barthel started the first American nudist club known as the American League for Physical Culture (ALPC). A couple of years later after continued growth it was renamed and founded as an organization American Sunbathing Association in 1931 with Ilsley Boone being listed as president.[citation needed] During the World War II the nudist movement was disrupted as many went off to war resulting in the closure of several nudist resorts / clubs. After the war by 1946, Boone was seen as controlling and micro-managing the organization resulting in many dissatisfied members. Claims of controlling mailing lists in order to receive enough proxy votes to keep control of elected votes and elected officials. After several years of conflicts, finally in 1951 forced Boone to resign. Boone continued to stay active in the nudist movement by starting the magazine S.U.N. (So/air Union Naturisme).

The organization changed names again in 1995 to its current name of American Association for Nude Recreation.[3][4]

Member Associations[edit]

The AANR was a long-standing representative of INF (International Naturist Federation) until its recent withdrawal in September 2010, leaving America with no INF representatives. The AANR also belongs to several other organizations such as: The Naturist Society, FCN (Federation of Canadian Naturists), SFFB (South Florida Free Beaches), ARC (American Recreation Coalition), National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, and others.[citation needed]



AANR-affiliated (chartered) clubs include both nudist resorts and naturist social clubs that agree to AANR principles and standards. There are a wide range of various types of nudist resorts and clubs affiliated with AANR that are as individual as their members and visitors. So long as they meet AANR principles and standards by endeavor to provide a friendly, stress free atmosphere where people enjoy social nude recreation with their family and friends. Ranging from clothing optional to no clothes allowed. Chartered clubs also range from land-based clubs to beach clubs and even travel clubs (not land based). Many AANR-affiliated resorts are also affiliated with The Naturist Society, and the AANR membership card usually has equal status to the TNS membership card at resorts.


Individuals typically become members on an annual basis usually via paid annual subscriptions at chartered clubs which includes partial fees for AANR membership, although lifetime memberships are also available. Membership in AANR includes a subscription to The Bulletin, AANR's monthly newsletter. The Bulletin contains articles on naturist activities and issues related to naturism. The Bulletin began as an insert in the Sunshine and Health magazine, and is now a standalone newsletter.


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