American Massacre

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American Massacre: The Tragedy at Mountain Meadows, September 1857
American massacre denton cover.jpg
Author Sally Denton
Country United States
Language English
Subject Mountain Meadows massacre
Genre Non-fiction
Publisher Knopf (Hardcover)
Vintage (Paperback)
Publication date
June 17, 2003 (Hardcover)
September 14, 2004 (Paperback)
Media type Print (Hardcover) & (Paperback)
Pages 336
ISBN 0-375-41208-5

American Massacre: The Tragedy At Mountain Meadows, September 1857 [1] is a historical account of the Mountain Meadows massacre, the murder of 140 [2] members of a California bound wagon train and the plundering of their possessions in Southern Utah Territory written by investigative reporter and author Sally Denton.[3]


2003 New York Times Nonfiction Notable Book [4]

2004 Western Heritage Award Literary Winner for Outstanding Nonfiction Book [5]


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