American Medical Marijuana Association

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American Medical Marijuana Association
FormationFormed in 1999 by Steve Kubby, Ed Rosenthal and Tod H. Mikuriya
Headquarters17415 Ocean Dr., Fort Bragg, CA 95437
  • Online

The American Medical Marijuana Association (AMMA) is an organization formed to promote and protect legal access to medical marijuana.

AMMA was founded in cyberspace on October 27, 2000, by Steve Kubby, Ed Rosenthal, and Tod H. Mikuriya.

AMMA is a group of volunteers working together to implement, preserve and protect medicinal cannabis patients through political activism. AMMA believes each person have different needs, which are best determined by the patient and physician. AMMA's activism includes aiding in the defense of cannabis patients should they be prosecuted for possessing medical marijuana. One way AMMA is able to do this is through the sharing of motions, writs, declarations, and demands.

California allows medical cannabis, so AMMA's advocates to preserve California Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. AMMA is concerned that some members of law enforcement are trying to re-write the law, infringing upon the rights of the voters, and placing conditions that violate the California State Constitution.[citation needed]

AMMA National Director[edit]

AMMA Advisors[edit]

  • Richard Cowan: Former National Director of NORML. Member of the Advisory Board of the Drug Policy Foundation. Senior Policy Advisor to NORML. Editor and Publisher, marijuananews.
  • Ed Rosenthal: He has written and edited more than a dozen books about marijuana cultivation and social policy.
  • Rev. Lynnette Shaw: Founder and director of the Cannabis Buyers' Club Marin in Fairfax, California, licensed since 1997.


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