American Memorial School in Tabriz

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American Memorial School of Tabriz
مدرسه مموریال آمریکایی تبریز
Tabriz memorial highschool 00.jpg
Photograph taken at the start of the 42nd academic year at Memorial School on August 30, 1923. Some details concerning this photograph can be found on the black square in the upper-left corner of the image.
Tabriz, Iran
Coordinates 38°04′12″N 46°17′08″E / 38.07000°N 46.28556°E / 38.07000; 46.28556Coordinates: 38°04′12″N 46°17′08″E / 38.07000°N 46.28556°E / 38.07000; 46.28556
School type Public School
Founded 1881
Gender Co-Educational

American Memorial School of Tabriz (مدرسه مموریال آمریکایی تبریز), established in Tabriz in 1881 during the Qajar Empire, is one of the most prominent schools of its kind. Hundreds of Iranian received their secondary education in Memorial School. In 1935-1936 following the order of Reza Shah Pahlavi to nationalize all of the private schools, the school was renamed Parvin High School (دبیرستان پروین)[1] by Iran's Ministry of Education. At present this school is divided into three separate secondary schools; however, the main original building still remains, as part of Parvin School.

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  1. ^ Parvin refers to Parvin E'tesami, Iranian poet, who was born in Tabriz. It is therefore possible that the full name of this high school may be Parvin E'tesami High School.

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