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American Metal Market
ParentEuromoney Institutional Investor

American Metal Market (AMM) is an online provider of industry news and metal pricing information for the U.S. steel, nonferrous and scrap markets. Products include a daily publication available in an electronic pdf, live news on the publication's website, a hard-copy magazine and a series of weekly newsletters covering niche markets. The publication also plays host each year to a number of industry conferences and events covering the state of various metal markets. It has been hailed for its impartial coverage of the mining and manufacturing sectors, said to be “as vital to the metal-buyer as the ticker is to Wall Street.” "[1]

American Metal Market is a sister publication to London-based Metal Bulletin and a subsidiary of international publishing group Euromoney Institutional Investor.


First published in 1882 as a weekly news and price paper and never having missed a scheduled publication date, American Metal Market is considered the longest continuously published newspaper in the industry.[1] In April 2002, the daily publication switched from a traditional, hard-copy newspaper to a strictly electronic format, in which form it remains today.


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