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The American Mime Theatre is not a pantomime company nor is it a dance company. It is the Performing Company and School of American Mime, an acting medium expressing itself through movement. The American Mime Theatre performs its own original plays culled from its repertory with new works continuously in development. It was founded in 1952 by Paul J. Curtis (August 29, 1927– April 28, 2012).[1] Some of the notable performers in the company's past include Anita Morris,[2] and Daniel Richter. After a period of inactivity, it is currently being relaunched in 2023.


In 1984, the New York Times wrote: "As one of the few who toiled in the vineyards over the decades when mime was considered chiefly a European import, Mr. Curtis deserves credit where credit is due. The program that the American Mime Theater is offering... demonstrated an independent view of mime that owes little to conventions associated with the form ... it allows for a free-form approach that roams between the realistic and the stylized."[3]


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