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The American Modern Ensemble is a contemporary classical music ensemble based in the United States in New York City with the goal of premiering, performing and recording and commissioning the widest possible repertoire written by American composers. The group's focus is to celebrate and showcase American music and especially works written by living composers. AME is also dedicated to education and outreach programs that expose communities to American music, and particularly to new music written by living composers. AME's founder and current Artistic Director is the American composer Robert Paterson [1].


Instrumentation for each concert is repertoire/instrumentation-based and is drawn from a sinfonietta-sized group: flute (doubling alto flute and piccolo), clarinet (doubling bass clarinet and E-flat clarinet), oboe (doubling English horn), bassoon (doubling contrabassoon), horn, trumpet (C trumpet, B-flat trumpet and piccolo trumpets in E-flat and D), trombone, percussion, piano (doubling synthesizer), two violins, viola, violoncello, bass.

Programmed Composers[edit]

Composers whose works have been programmed by the American Modern Ensemble through the 2008-09 season include:


Core Performer Members of AME as of the 2008-09 Season:







† Special Guest †† Emeritus

Featured Composers[edit]

Winners of AME Composition Competition[edit]

  • 2009: Spencer Topel [14]
  • 2008: Derrick Wang
  • 2007: Sean McClowry
  • 2006: Karim Al Zand [15]

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