American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist

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The American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist has been awarded since 1974.

Years reflect the year in which the American Music Awards were presented, for works released in the previous year (until 2003 onward when awards were handed out on November of the same year).

Most nominee in this category is Mariah Carey with ten nominations. The all-time winner in this category is a tie between Whitney Houston and Olivia Newton-John with four wins each.


Year Artist Nominees
2015 Ariana Grande
2014 Katy Perry
2013 Taylor Swift
2012 Katy Perry
2011 Adele
2010 Lady Gaga


Year Winner Nominees
2009 Taylor Swift Beyoncé
Lady Gaga
2008 Rihanna Mariah Carey
Alicia Keys
2007 Fergie Beyoncé
Avril Lavigne
2006 Kelly Clarkson Mariah Carey
Nelly Furtado
2005 Gwen Stefani Mariah Carey
Kelly Clarkson
2004 Sheryl Crow Avril Lavigne
Jessica Simpson
2003 (November) Jennifer Lopez Celine Dion
Avril Lavigne
2003 Sheryl Crow Celine Dion
2002 Janet Jackson Alicia Keys
Jennifer Lopez
2001 Faith Hill Christina Aguilera
Celine Dion
Britney Spears
2000 Shania Twain Whitney Houston
Britney Spears


Year Winner Nominees
1999 Celine Dion Brandy
Shania Twain
1998 Celine Dion Toni Braxton
1997 Alanis Morissette Mariah Carey
Shania Twain
1996 Mariah Carey Melissa Etheridge
Alanis Morissette
1995 Mariah Carey Janet Jackson
Bonnie Raitt
1994 Whitney Houston Mariah Carey
Gloria Estefan
Janet Jackson
1993 Mariah Carey Amy Grant
Bonnie Raitt
Vanessa L. Williams
1992 Paula Abdul Mariah Carey
Whitney Houston
1991 Janet Jackson Paula Abdul
Mariah Carey
1990 Paula Abdul Anita Baker


Year Winner Nominees
1989 Whitney Houston Tracy Chapman
Debbie Gibson
1988 Whitney Houston Janet Jackson
1987 Whitney Houston Janet Jackson
Tina Turner
1986 Tina Turner Whitney Houston
1985 Cyndi Lauper Madonna
Linda Ronstadt
1984 Pat Benatar Stevie Nicks
Donna Summer
Bonnie Tyler
1983 Olivia Newton-John Stevie Nicks
Diana Ross
1982 Pat Benatar Sheena Easton
Juice Newton
Dolly Parton
1981 Barbra Streisand Olivia Newton-John
Linda Ronstadt
1980 Donna Summer Olivia Newton-John
Barbra Streisand


Year Winner Nominees
1979 Linda Ronstadt Barbra Streisand
Donna Summer
1978 Linda Ronstadt Barbra Streisand
Olivia Newton-John
1977 Olivia Newton-John Linda Ronstadt
Barbra Streisand
1976 Olivia Newton-John Linda Ronstadt
Helen Reddy
1975 Olivia Newton-John
1974 Helen Reddy

Category facts[edit]

  • Most Wins in Category
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
Artist Olivia Newton-John
Whitney Houston
Mariah Carey Linda Ronstadt
Pat Benatar
Paula Abdul
Janet Jackson
Celine Dion
Sheryl Crow
Taylor Swift
Katy Perry
Total Wins 4 wins 3 wins 2 wins
  • Most Nominations
Rank 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Artist Mariah Carey Whitney Houston Linda Ronstadt
Olivia Newton-John
Janet Jackson
Celine Dion
Barbra Streisand Helen Reddy
Katy Perry
Total Nominations 10 Nominations 7 nominations 6 nominations 5 nominations 4 nominations