American Napier (automobile)

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1904 D45/H8 4-cylinder 12 hp tourer
2513 cc 18 bhp @ 1200 rpm
entrant 378 London to Brighton run
1 November 2014

The American Napier was an automobile sold by the Napier Motor Car Company of America from 1904 until 1912.[1]

Initially, the company imported assembled Napiers from England. From late 1904 the cars were assembled under licence in Jamaica Plain, a section of Boston, Massachusetts, in a building formerly used by the B.F. Sturtevant Company. The cars were offered with both American and British built coachwork.[1]


In 1907 the company experienced financial problems and production was halted.[1]

In 1909 a new company took over and production restarted in March that year. This lasted until 1911 when the Napier Motor Company took over the interests, but this venture barely lasted a year.[1]


Napier Motor Company of America - 1906.


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