American Order of Battle Meuse-Argonne Offensive

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This is the order of battle for the American Expeditionary Force at the beginning and end of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, September 26 to November 11, 1918.

Beginning of the battle (September 26, 1918)[edit]

First U.S. Army[edit]

General John J. Pershing, Commanding

Map of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive

I Corps Major General Hunter Liggett, Commanding

III Corps Major General Robert L. Bullard, Commanding

V Corps Major General George H. Cameron, Commanding

In Reserve

End of the battle (November 10, 1918)[edit]

General John J. Pershing, Army Group Commander

First U.S. Army[edit]

Lieutenant General Hunter Liggett, Commanding

I Corps Major General Joseph T. Dickman, Commanding

U.S. soldiers of 2nd Division engaged in the Argonne Forest

III Corps Major General John L. Hines, Commanding

V Corps Major General Charles P. Summerall, Commanding

89th Division

Second U.S. Army[edit]

Lieutenant General Robert L. Bullard, Commanding

IV Corps Major General Charles H. Muir, Commanding

  • 4th Division
  • 28th Division
  • 37th Division

VI Corps Major General Charles C. Ballou, Commanding
(Note: With the exception of one brigade from the 88th Division, VI Corps did not actively participate in the battle.)

French II Colonial Corps

French XVII Corps

  • French Division
  • French Division
  • 33rd Division
  • 35th Division

List of divisions engaged[edit]

At one point or another during the 47-day battle, all or part of 23 American divisions were engaged in the fighting:

  • 1st Division
  • 2nd Division
  • 3rd Division
  • 4th Division
  • 5th Division
  • 26th Division
  • 28th Division
  • 29th Division
  • 32nd Division
  • 33rd Division
  • 35th Division
  • 36th Division
  • 37th Division
  • 42nd Division
  • 77th Division
  • 78th Division
  • 79th Division
  • 80th Division
  • 81st Division
  • 82nd Division
  • 88th Division
  • 89th Division
  • 90th Division
  • 91st Division
  • 92nd Division