The American Poetry Review

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The American Poetry Review
The American Poetry Review September October 2003 cover.jpg
September/October 2003 cover
EditorElizabeth Scanlon
FounderStephen Berg and Stephen Parker [1]
Year founded1972
CompanyWorld Poetry Inc.
CountryUnited States
Based inThe University of the Arts

The American Poetry Review (APR) is an American poetry magazine printed every other month on tabloid-sized newsprint.

Founded in 1972 by Stephen Berg and Stephen Parker[1] in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The magazine's editor is Elizabeth Scanlon.


The American Poetry Review was founded by Berg and Parker in 1972 in Philadelphia.[2] The magazine lacked capital but had "significant support in the national poetry community", according to the magazine's website. By 1976 the publication was being produced and distributed more efficiently, making it "the most widely circulated poetry magazine ever". In 1977 the publication began paying out small salaries to editors and staff and small payments to authors.[3]

In 2001, W.W. Norton & Co. published the anthology The Body Electric: America's Best Poetry from The American Poetry Review.[4]

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