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American Poultry Association
PurposeSupport and Promotion of Standard-bred Poultry
  • PO Box 306 Burgettstown, PA
Region served
U.S. & Canada
John Monaco[1]
AffiliationsAmerican Poultry Association

The American Poultry Association (APA) is the oldest poultry organization in the North America. It was founded in 1873, and incorporated in Indiana in 1932.[2]

The first American poultry show was held in 1849, and the APA was later formed in response to the burgeoning need for an overseeing body to set standards for poultry breeds and to administer judging.[3] A year after its foundation, the Association published the first American Standard of Perfection, which to this day is the most widely used and respected handbook on poultry breed standards.[4] The APA continues to publish and expand the Standard, and aims to promote all aspects of poultry fancy by certifying official judges, sponsoring shows, fostering youth participation, and advocating for its members, in both the U.S. and Canada.

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