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American Respiratory Care Foundation
non-profit organization
IndustryHealth care
FounderAmerican Association for Respiratory Care
Area served
United States
Total assets$2,131,930
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EIN: 237089524

The American Respiratory Care Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by the American Association for Respiratory Care[1] formed to provide funding for research in the field of pulmonology and respiratory care.[2] Formed in 1974 as the American Respiratory Therapy Foundation and then changed to the American Respiratory Care Foundation in 1986.[3] The ARCF is a partner with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, who has awarded grants to the ARCF in order to help fund research directly related to asthma and asthma education.[4]

Primary funding[edit]

Scholarships and education grants
  • Morton B. Duggan, Jr. Memorial Education Recognition Award
  • Jimmy A. Young Memorial Education Recognition Award
  • NBRC/AMP William W. Burgin, Jr. MD Education Recognition Award
  • NBRC/AMP Robert M. Lawrence, MD Education Recognition Award
  • Postgraduate Student Awards
  • Research Fellowships / Abstract Awards
  • Achievement Awards
  • Literary Awards
  • Research Grants — Research in respiratory care, pulmonology, sleep medicine and critical care medicine is one of the ARCF's primary missions.
  • International Fellowships
  • Community Grants

International fellowship[edit]

The International Fellowship Program was established in 1990 as a method of expanding respiratory care practices internationally by inviting physicians and nurses among other health professionals to shadow respiratory therapists to observe the practice and application in medicine.[6]

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