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Founded in 1985 by George A. Koopman,[1] Bevin McKinney and Jim Bennett, veterans of Starstruck Inc.,[2] the American Rocket Company, or AMROC, was a California-based company that developed hybrid rocket motors.[when?]

It had over 300 hybrid rocket motor test firings[when?] ranging from 4.5 kN to 1.1 MN at the Air Force Astronautics Laboratory at Edwards Air Force Base (now part of the Phillips Labs) and NASA's Stennis Space Center's E1 test stand where it test fired the world's only successful 250,000 pound force (1.1 MN) thrust liquid oxygen/polybutadiene hybrid rocket motor.[citation needed]

Its 5 October 1989 launch of the SET-1 sounding rocket was unsuccessful due to frozen moisture from the air forming an ice plug under the main Liquid Oxygen Valve allowing only 30% of the flow needed for launch.[citation needed]

The company became insolvent and was shut down in May 1996. Its intellectual property was acquired in 1999 by SpaceDev, and its lineage is part of SpaceShipOne (AMROC worked on an N2O-HTPB engine for its SLIMSET sounding rocket effort).[citation needed]


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