American Samoan general election, 2004

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General elections were held in American Samoa on 2 November 2004. A second round of the election for Governor was held on 16 November.


e • d Summary of the 2 November and 16 November 2004 American Samoa Governor election results
Candidates % 1st round % 2nd round
Togiola Tulafono 48.4 55.7
Afoa Moega Lutu 39.4 44.3
Others 12.2 -
Total 100.0 100.0
Source: and Rulers


House of Representatives[edit]

e • d Summary of the 2 November 2004 American Samoa House of Representatives election results
Parties Votes % Representatives
Non-partisans   20
nonvoting delegate from Swains Island   1
Total (turnout  %)   21


e • d Summary of the 2 November 2004 American Samoa Senate election results
Parties Senators
Senators elected by local chiefs 18
Total (turnout  %) 18

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