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The American Society of Digital Forensics and eDiscovery (ASDFED) is a national professional association organized as a 501c3 not for profit organization.[1] The organisations stated aims are to promote the field of digital forensics and eDiscovery.


The ASDFED was founded as a Georgia not-for-profit corporation.[2] It currently publishes technical bulletins, newsletters, online news announcements and hold national meetings, seminars and conferences. The organisation is composed of professionals from the legal, technology and litigation support professions.

Local Chapters[edit]

The society has regional chapters across the United States including: Atlanta, Chicago, San Diego, New York City and Washington D.C.. ASDFED’s first chapter was launched in Atlanta, Georgia.[3]

Each chapter’s leadership team is composed of a president, senior vice president, at least one vice president, a secretary and a treasurer. At the end of each chapter president's term, he or she remains on that chapter's board for an additional year.


The national ASDFED organization is composed of three separate and distinctive entities. The first is the Board of Directors, responsible for the overall guidance and direction of the organization and fiscal oversight. The second is the Chapter Support Center, which provides membership packets and support to each chapter. The third is the National Leadership Assembly (NLA). The NLA is composed of the current President and Senior Vice President of each chapter. The primary charge of NLA is updating the revising the ASDFED Common Body of Knowledge. During its first years, the organisation appointed a steering committee, members included:[4]


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