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American Sports Holiday is an unofficial, non-federal holiday observed in the United States the day after the Super Bowl. American Sports Holiday is also widely referred to as "ASH Monday".

Most employers who observe the holiday may do so because of the significant productivity drop the day after the Super Bowl.[1] Instead of dealing with lost productivity and employees who call in sick, these employers opt to close their businesses and reopen on Tuesday. Employment consultants estimate the productivity drop the day after the Super Bowl to cost employers hundreds of millions of dollars.[1]

Effort to be recognized as a federal holiday[edit]

While American Sports Holiday is an unofficial holiday, there have been attempts by some groups to have the day observed as a national holiday.[1][2] As of 2010, these efforts have fallen short of turning the day into a federal holiday. One group has proposed making Super Bowl Sunday the holiday and having it observed on the Monday after the game.[2]


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