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The American Swimming Coaches Association, or ASCA, is a professional organization for Swimming coaches in the USA. It was founded in 1958 and is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.[1]

ASCA provides education opportunities for swimming coaches, including running and participating at clinics both within and outside the USA.[2]


Hall of Fame[edit]

ASCA annually inducts selected coaches into its own Hall of Fame, as part of the annual ASCA World Clinic. Members of the ASCA Hall of Fame (and year of induction) are:[3]

Coach of the Year[edit]

Beginning in 1961, ASCA has annually award a Coach of the Year honor to "the individual whose coaching effective has contributed most toward American swimming excellence" on the international level.[4]

Year Coach for work with...
1961 Doc Counsilman
1962 Peter Daland
1963 Dick Smith
1964 George Haines
1965 Don Gambril
1966 George Haines
1967 George Haines
1968 Sherm Chavoor
1969 Jim Montrella
1970 Don Watson
1971 Jim Montrella
1972 George Haines
1973 Bob Miller
1974 Dick Jochums
1975 Mark Schubert
1976 Mark Schubert
1977 Paul Bergen
1978 Paul Bergen
1979 Randy Reese
1980 Dennis Pursley Mary T. Meagher
1981 Mark Schubert
1982 Dick Shoulberg
1983 John Collins Rick Carey
1984 Randy Reese
1985 Nort Thornton Matt Biondi
1986 Richard Quick
1987 Bud McAllister Janet Evans
1988 Bud McAllister Janet Evans
1989 Dick Shoulberg
1990 Jon Urbanchek
1991 Eddie Reese
1992 Richard Quick
1993 Skip Kenney
1994 honor removed
1995 Jon Urbanchek Tom Dolan, Michigan's Men's NCAA title
1996 Murray Stephens
1997 Mark Schubert
1998 Richard Quick
1999 Richard Quick
1999 Mark Schubert
2000 Peter Banks Brooke Bennett
2001 Bob Bowman Michael Phelps
2002 Teri McKeever Natalie Coughlin
2003 Bob Bowman Michael Phelps
2004 Eddie Reese Aaron Peirsol, Brendan Hansen, Ian Crocker
2005 Eddie Reese Aaron Peirsol, Brendan Hansen, Ian Crocker
2006 Eddie Reese Aaron Peirsol, Brendan Hansen, Ian Crocker
2007 Bob Bowman
2008 Bob Bowman
2009 Eddie Reese
2010 Gregg Troy Ryan Lochte, Florida's Women's NCAA title
2011 Gregg Troy Ryan Lochte
2012 Bob Bowman Michael Phelps, Allison Schmitt
2013 Bruce Gemmell Katie Ledecky
2014 Bruce Gemmell Katie Ledecky
2015 Bruce Gemmell Katie Ledecky
2016 Dave Durden Nathan Adrian, Anthony Ervin, Ryan Murphy, Josh Prenot
2017 Ray Looze Lilly King


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