American Vampire (film)

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American Vampire
Directed by Luis Esteban
Produced by Grant S. Staley
Written by Rollin Jarrett
Music by Mark Boccaccio
Cinematography Goran Pavicevic
Release date
Running time
99 min.
Country United States United States
Language English

American Vampire (also called An American Vampire Story) is a comedic horror film starring Carmen Electra, Adam West, Sidney Lassick and Trevor Lissauer. Produced in 1997, it was written by Rollin Jarrett (Laws of Deception) and directed by Luis Esteban.


The plot involves a teenager, Frankie (Trevor Lissauer), who is left in charge of the family home for a few weeks while his parents are vacationing in Europe. After a day of surfing on the beach, Frankie and his best friend Bogie (Danny Hitt) happen upon a group of sexy Bohemian vampires led by Moondoggie (Johnny Venocur) along with his minions Sulka and Katrina (Carmen Electra and Deborah Xavier) and invite them to stay in Frankie's house for a few days in hopes of getting lucky. When Frankie learns that the threesome have some secrets, he enlists the aid of the Big Kahuna, a legendary vampire killer (Adam West) who teaches Frankie how to solve his vampire problems. The film has attained cult-like status with its tongue in cheek humor and its many references to the Beach Party films of Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello, which were hugely popular in the mid-60's. An appearance by iconic surf guitar legend Dick Dale performing on the beach adds to the retro vibe of the film.


DVD release[edit]

The DVD release of this campy vampire movie includes an audio track featuring commentary from comedians from L.A.'s Groundlings troupe.


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