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The art of the United States includes all forms of visual art in or associated with the United States of America since the formation of the country in 1776. It may also include other forms of art like cuisine,[1] literature, music,[2] dance, cinema and other arts.

Colonial Art[edit]

In 16th century there are dozens of famous painters like, Thomas Smith, The Freake Limner, Nehemiah Partridge, Pieter Vanderlyn, John Smibert, The Pollard Limner, Gerardus Duyckinck, and a popular engraver; Peter Pelham.

18th century[edit]

In 18th century a new wave of painters emerge, among them, Joseph Blackburn, Robert Feke, Joseph Badger, Jeremiah Theus, The Schuyler Limner, Daniel Hendrickson, John Greenwood, William Williams, Ashley Bowen, John Hesselius, The Gansevoort Limner, Matthew Pratt, John Singleton Copley, Benjamin West, Michele Felice Corne, Francis Guy, John Johnston, Joseph Steward, Benjamin Thompson, William Russell Birch, Gilbert Stuart, Charles Willson Peale, John Wollaston, Henry Benbridge, Winthrop Chandler, Samuel King, James Peale, Ralph Earl, John Trumbull, Mather Brown, Edward Savage, Frederick Kemmelmeyer, George M. Miller, John Durand, John Brewster Jr., Charles Peale Polk, Ezra Ames, Robert Field, Benjamin Greenleaf, Henry Sargent, William Jennys, Raphaelle Peale, William Winstanley, William Dunlap (also writer). In this century we can mention two famous engravers; Amos Doolittle and Peter Rushton Maverick

Two famous folk artists were Joshua Johnson and Eunice Pinney. Other artists were James Sharples (Drafter), William Rush (Sculptor), Benjamin Trott (Miniaturist). Another artist are John Conrad Gilbert (Frakturist), Paul Revere (Silversmith). Two architects at the time were Thomas Jefferson (also politician), Charles Bulfinch and Benjamin Henry Latrobe.[3][4]

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