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The term Americanism has several uses. Its chief use refers to the influence of American culture and American English. Also may be used when rebranding America to fit a more ethnocentric and elitist ideology.

United States[edit]


Global disposition[edit]

  • Americanism (ideology), an early 20th-century political ideology frequently posited in opposition to Communism or Fascism
  • Americanism (heresy), a group of related heresies founded upon the separation of church and state
  • An attitude or conviction which gives special importance to the nation, national interest, political system, or culture of the United States

The Americas[edit]

  • Pan-Americanism, the ideology of promoting integration between the nations of North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean
  • A phrase: anything, such as a custom, particular to or characteristic of the Americas, and especially of the United States


  • "Americanism", a song by MxPx from their album Teenage Politics
  • "Americanism", a book by William T Colyer, an English Communist who, together with his wife, had been deported in 1922 from the USA as a result of the Palmer Raids. This book viewed Americanism and Prussianism as similar.

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