Americans for Truth about Homosexuality

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Americans for Truth
about Homosexuality
AFTAH Logo.jpg
Americans for Truth about Homosexuality
Founded 1996
Founder Peter LaBarbera
54-1829289 (EIN)
$110,000 (2009)[1]
Mission "To expose the homosexual activist agenda"

Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH) is an organization which describes its mission as "exposing the homosexual activist agenda".[2] AFTAH rejects the idea that sexual orientation is inborn and believes that people can "leave the homosexual lifestyle". It was formed as a part-time enterprise in 1996 and was reorganized in 2006 by Peter LaBarbera.


AFTAH was formed as a part-time enterprise in 1996 to oppose the "radical homosexual agenda." It was reorganized in 2006 by Peter LaBarbera.[3] It was a 501(c)3 United States tax-exempt organization until stripped of that designation in 2010 following years of failing to file the appropriate paperwork.[4] AFTAH's tax exempt status was reinstated in 2012.[5] AFTAH rejects the idea of inborn sexual orientation and believes that "homosexual practice" is always wrong but that people can "leave the homosexual lifestyle".[6] AFTAH contends that there is a fundamental conflict between gay rights and religious freedom.[7]

Second Tax-Exempt Revocation[edit]

On October 5, 2015 the Internal Revenue Service revoked the tax-exempt status of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality retroactive to May 15, 2015.[8]


In 1997, LaBarbera, then an editor for the Family Research Council, criticized US President Bill Clinton for supporting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) stating: "He's out there using his presidential power to boost the gay lobby. I think there is an increasing acceptance [of homosexuality], but the majority of Americans are put off by the kind of homosexual advocacy they are seeing."[9]

In 2002, LaBarbera compared the alleged dangers of homosexuality to those of "smoking, alcohol and drug abuse".[3]

In 2007, LaBarbera said there was "a disproportionate incidence of pedophilia" among gay men – a claim refuted by the American Psychological Association.[10] The same year, he posted literature that made a series of false claims about gays running the German Nazi Party.[3]

In 2009, AFTAH filed a lawsuit in US Federal Court against a Naperville, Illinois, Holiday Inn Select, because of the cancellation of a banquet the AFTAH planned to hold October 6, 2007, at the hotel. The hotel cancelled the AFTAH event after learning that it would likely draw protests from the Chicago-based Gay Liberation Network.[11] That same year, LaBarbera, while speaking at the Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ Conference, called for a government study of the dangers of homosexual sex.[12]

Core principles and beliefs[edit]

AFTAH states that it has the following core principles and beliefs:

  • 1: "Homosexual behavior and trans-gender rebellion are morally wrong as they defy Nature and Nature’s God."
  • 2: "Homosexuality is not the basis for a healthy self-identity; embracing homosexual or transgender lifestyles/behaviors is a very bad and destructive choice."
  • 3: "Homosexuality is about What You Do, not Who You Are. Everyone is responsible before God for his or her sexual conduct."
  • 4: "Homosexualism and gender confusion are not the basis for civil rights."
  • 5: "All people as human beings created in the image of God deserve respect; all behaviors and ideologies do not."
  • 6: "Unlike race and ethnicity, homosexuality is not immutable: people can pursue virtuous change and leave aberrant sex- and transgender lifestyles behind."
  • 7: "All sex outside of a faithful marriage between one man and one woman is morally wrong. Singling out homosexuality while ignoring other sexual sins is unacceptable."
  • 8: "Homosexual practice is extremely unhealthy, because Nature itself discriminates against homosexuality."
  • 9: "People embracing homosexualism and trans-gender confusion, like all people caught up in self and sin, need the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the gracious, truthful outreach of compassionate Christians."
  • 10: "It is wrong to hate people, but defending biblical teachings and Natural Law morality on sex and marriage is not “hate.” Nor is it “bigotry.”"
  • 11: "Out-and-proud homosexualism and transsexualism are incompatible with historic, faithful Christianity."
  • 12: "Today’s “gay” movement is rooted in the lies of the media-hyped Sexual Revolution, most notably the discredited work of pseudo-scientist Dr. Alfred Kinsey, America’s first “sex researcher.”"
  • 13: "AFTAH condemns all violence perpetrated against people practicing or advocating homosexuality or other sexual/gender perversions, including Muslim Sharia Law barbarities committed against alleged homosexuals."[13]


In 2010, AFTAH was designated as an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for spreading "hateful propaganda", and claiming that homosexuality can be "cured".[14][15]

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