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An Amerigame, short for American-style board game, is a loose category of tabletop game that generally features a prominent theme, encourages direct conflict between players (even in some co-op games such as Dead of Winter), and has a significant degree of luck. It is distinguished from a Eurogame, or German-style board game, in that American-style games often have longer playtimes and mechanics designed to suit the theme.[1] Not all games from the United States fall under this category; party games and family games with simpler rulesets are usually not included.

These games are sometimes referred to as Ameritrash, which is used occasionally as a term of affection by some people, and a pejorative by others. The terms Amerigame and thematic game do not carry negative connotations, and are preferred terms. [2] BoardGameGeek cites "Axis & Allies, Dune, Cosmic Encounter, Talisman, and Twilight Imperium" as classic Ameritrash titles.[3]


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