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Amerton Railway
Amerton Railway Lorna Doone 05-06-18 28.jpeg
Amerton Railway. KS 4250 of 1922 0-4-0ST 'Lorna Doone'
Dates of operation1992–Present
Track gauge2 ft (610 mm)
Length1 mile (1.6 km)
Amerton Railway
Yard and
Locomotive Shed
Stump Siding
Chartley Road
Amerton Brook

The Amerton Railway is a 2 ft (610 mm) narrow gauge heritage railway in the English county of Staffordshire. It is owned by the Staffordshire Narrow Gauge Railway Society.

Construction of the railway started in 1990 in a field at the side of Amerton Working Farm. The first trains ran in 1992, but it was around 10 years later when the railway was completed as a full circle with two passing loops.

Development of the line[edit]

There is the main 3 road running shed housing majority of the locomotives, operational and stored, a large workshop next door where restoration and maintenance take place, then a small covered siding is located between the workshop and carriage shed.

In May 2012,[1] the 17 acres of land on which the railway is run was purchased by the railway, securing the future of operations at Amerton.

On 10 August 2001 the railway was very fortunate to acquire the Leek and Manifold Valley Light Railway/North Staffordshire Railway (The Knotty)/LMS Signal Box from Waterhouses Station. This controlled both the narrow gauge and standard gauge lines at Waterhouses. It is passed at the end of the platform and has undergone major restoration, and is now in its final stages with lever frame installed and painting on final gloss coats (Jan 2017), proved to be very popular at the 2016 steam gala when the public where allowed inside.

Recently work has started on modifying the headshunt to provide more room on the railway and an additional passing loop.

A comprehensive industrial demonstration railway is now being developed from the old phase 1 stump siding area to add a turning triangle and a large amount of outdoor storage space.

A demonstration mine and blacksmith workshop has also been constructed along with a few mine wagons to resemble an old gypsum mine that used to operate not far from where the railway is today

Rolling Stock

Restoration is in progress on a number of narrow gauge waggons. The railway owns 9 RNAD wagons. A set of 3 RNAD box vans and 6 RNAD flats. The vans and 3 flats have been regauged from 2ft 6in and to run on the line, with 1 van 3 flats been fully restored, one of these flats has been rebuilt into a ballast wagon ('Minnow') the later 3 flats had recently arrived from Chasewater Railway. The wheelsets and frames are currently separated, with the 2ft 6in wheels currently in Amerton Yard, and the frames up at 'stump siding'. These are to be fully restored when time and finances allow . 3 ex- RAF Fauld drop-side wagons have been restored and painted in RAF colours during 2016, as well as 2 ex MOD flats, one rebuilt too a short sided wagon, the other to the original MOD high end sided flats. There are 5 600mm Allen skips on the railway, they have recently been taken off from mainline running, due to skips buckets deterioration, and the wheelset 600mm gauge meaning they would derail at times. Plans are being made to regauge and replace the wheelsets to running order.


Name Builder Type Date Works number Notes Image
Isabel W.G. Bagnall 0-4-0ST 1897 1491 Built for the Cliffe Hill Mineral Railway, before being displayed on a plinth outside of W.G Bagnalls in Stafford, then outside Stafford station, before being restored. Major overhaul, including a new boiler, from 2006-2008 Fully operational. Amerton Railway Isabel 05-06-18 02.jpeg
Jennie Hunslet 0-4-0ST 2008 3905 New build Kerr Stuart Wren class built by Hunslet. Privately owned but kept at Amerton. Jennie Amerton Railway (geograph 4269692).jpg
Lorna Doone Kerr Stuart 0-4-0ST 1922 4250 Wren class. Ex Devon County Council, before being displayed in 'Birmingham Museum of Science And Industry. Arrived in 2003, Restoration back to steam began in 2010 and is nearing completion, due to return for 2017 steam gala. Amerton Railway Lorna Doone 05-06-18 28.jpeg
Henschel (unofficial name) Henschel 0-8-0T 1916 526 Built for the German trench railways. Spent most of its working life at the Sena Sugar Estate, Mozambique. Now under Major restoration.
Paddy Alan Keef Ltd 0-4-0VTB with Tender 2007 In service, built by a group in a garden from scratch using parts from a steam crane and others. Was sold after its 10 yearly overhaul in 2014, Now at Statfold Barn Railway
Number 1 W.G. Bagnall 0-4-0ST 1911 1889 Worked at Judkins Quarry before being sold to BR and working at a sleeper works in Beston. Stored outside for years in Didcot, arrived in 2008 with a new boiler and firebox wrapper and a kit of parts, in need of Major restoration and possible re-gauging from 3ft to our 2ft. A matter still in debate as well as finding funding.
Yellow Peril (unofficial name) Motor Rail 4wDM 1975 40SD501 Built for the Severn Trent Water Authority's Minworth Sewage Works. Arrived at Amerton in 1991. Operational.
The Deutz (Unofficial Name) Deutz 4wDM 1937 19531 Worked on a sugar mill in northern France, before being imported to the UK, arrived at Amerton 2009 where it was stripped and restored to full working order for 2014, operates the occasional passenger train .
Dorman Motor Rail 4wDM 1940 7471 Built for Hussey, Egan & Pickmere Ltd, Birmingham. Arrived at Amerton in 1991. Operational.
Dreadnought Baguley 0-4-0DM (steam outline) 1939 3024 Built for Wilson's Pleasure Railway, Allhallows-on-Sea, Kent. Arrived at Amerton in 1991. Major gearbox overhaul in 1999. Original mainline diesel Locomotive, till the completion of Hunslet 'Gordon', and now used infrequently on passenger services but runs for special occasions. Out of service in Jan 2017 due to gearbox issues.
Yard № 70 Ruston and Hornsby 4wDM 1943 221623 Built for the 2 ft 6 in (762 mm) narrow gauge Chattenden and Upnor Railway. Arrived at Amerton in 1992. Under repair as of 1999
Gordon Hunslet 4wDM 1978 8561 Built for the National Coal Board's Allerton Bywater and Castlebridge collieries. Arrived at Amerton in 1996. In service, a regular on passenger trains.
The Littleton Ruston (unofficial name) Ruston and Hornsby 4wDM 1964 506491 Built for the 2 ft 6 in (762 mm) narrow gauge National Coal Board South Staffordshire Collieries. Arrived at Amerton in 1992. Operational as the main yard shunter
The Hibberd (unofficial name) F. C. Hibberd & Co. 4wDM 1937 2025 Bought by Gravelworks Ltd for the Preston Irwell Valley Water Board. Restoration in progress.
Golspie Baguley 0-4-0DM (steam outline) 1935 2085 Built for Trentham Gardens. Later stored at Alton Towers for possible use on Alton Towers Narrow Gauge Railway. Arrived at Amerton in 2000. Restoration to working order started in 2012, and moved under her own power in October 2016, now awaiting funding for further restoration
№ 774 Baguley 0-4-0PM 1919 774 Worked on the Timber Supply Department tramway at Pennal. On loan from the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum for a cosmetic restoration. Left Amerton on 21 November 2008 for display at the Statfold Barn Railway. Moved again in 2012 back to the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum where it is now on display.[2]

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