Amesoeurs (album)

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Amesoeurs album.jpg
Studio album by Amesoeurs
Released March 10, 2009
Recorded Klangsmiede Studio E (2008-2009)
Genre Shoegazing, post-punk, black metal
Length 58:23
Label Code 666
Northern Silence
Profound Lore
Amesoeurs chronology
Valfunde / Amesoeurs
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]
Pitchfork 7.0/10[2]

Amesoeurs (Soulmates) is the sole album by the band of the same name. It was released in 2009,[3] just before the band broke up. Northern Silence Productions released a special limited LP edition of the album in three different versions: the "Metallic Century" edition, limited to 333 copies, the "Cold Light" edition limited to 333 copies, and the "Night Sky" edition limited to 222 copies, which all come with exclusive bonus tracks.[4]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Composer Length
1. "Gas in Veins" Fursy Teyssier 5:10
2. "Les Ruches Malades" (The Sick Hives) Neige 4:19
3. "Heurt" (Collision) Neige, Audrey Sylvain 6:01
4. "Recueillement" (Meditation) Neige, Baudelaire 7:01
5. "Faux Semblants" (Sham) Neige, Sylvain 4:21
6. "I XIII V XIX XV V XXI XVIII XIX – IX XIX – IV V I IV" Sylvain 1:41
7. "Trouble (Éveils Infâmes)" (Disrupt (Infamous Awakenings)) Neige 4:49
8. "Video Girl" Neige 4:11
9. "La Reine Trayeuse" (The Queen Milkmaid) Sylvain, Teyssier 5:32
10. "Amesoeurs" (Soulmates) Neige 4:03
11. "Au Crépuscule de Nos Rêves" (At the Twilight of Our Dreams) Neige 11:17
  • The title of track six is "Amesoeurs - is - Dead" transliterated into Roman numerals.



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