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Origin Trondheim, Norway
Genres Ambient, electronica, new age, neoclassical
Years active 1999–present
Labels Neurodisc Records
Website Official Website
Members Øystein Ramfjord

Amethystium is an Ambient/Electronica/Neoclassical music project created by Norwegian producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Øystein Ramfjord. Under the Amethystium name, Ramfjord has released five full-length albums (Odonata, Aphelion, Evermind, Isabliss, and Transience), a collection of works (Emblem (Selected Pieces)), as well as two EPs, all on Neurodisc Records.[1][2] Its albums include: Autumn Interlude, Odonata, and Aphelion, among others.

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