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Ametys CMS
Ametys CMS logo.png
Developer(s) Ametys
Stable release


/ April 27, 2015 (2015-04-27)
Development status Active
Written in Java
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Content management system, content management framework
License Apache License 2.0

Ametys is a free and open source content management system (CMS) written in Java. It is based on JSR-170 for content storage,[1] Open Social [2] for gadget rendering and a XML oriented framework. It is primarily designed to run large corporate websites, blogs, intranets and extranets on the same server.

As of May 2012, Ametys claims to run more than 30 000 websites.[3]

Ametys is Java based [4] and runs on any computing platform capable of running the Java Runtime Environment and an application server.


Ametys is a professional open-source CMS (content management system) written in Java.

Ametys was created in 2003 by Web and Java passionated experts and was then ported to the level of a professional open source CMS by Anyware Services (headquarters in France) in 2009.

Since 2005 and deployments of Ametys in higher education, specific components for uPortal and Jasig projects were developed.[5] Ametys evolved through the collaboration of the community of developers, users and integrators.

The downloadable version includes user authentication via LDAP and CAS, and a WYSIWYG editor administration.

Ametys 3.4 was released in August 2012 and saw several improvements and new functionality including new plugins as UGC, glossary, FAQ, and blog management. It also included new practices of Social web.


Ametys is primarily used by large companies and public institutions. Ametys users include :

The official Ametys site provides a list of users: Ametys CMS References


Ametys comes with many features :

  • Multi-site and multilingual platform
  • Front-end editing
  • RSS feed support
  • Document library manager, Alfresco and other document library integration
  • LDAP Integration
  • Website Tools : comments feed, Share buttons, Twitter feed integration, OpenSocial gadgets
  • Blogs and wikis
  • Newsletter management
  • Web Form management
  • Online survey management
  • Maps

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