Amguema (river)

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Chukchi Sea5AMG.png
Location of the Amguema River course
Native name
Physical characteristics
 • coordinates68°49′N 177°24′E / 68.817°N 177.400°E / 68.817; 177.400
MouthChukchi Sea
 • coordinates
68°15′12″N 177°25′26″W / 68.2533°N 177.4239°W / 68.2533; -177.4239Coordinates: 68°15′12″N 177°25′26″W / 68.2533°N 177.4239°W / 68.2533; -177.4239
Length498 km (309 mi)
Basin size28,100 km2 (10,800 sq mi)
 • average285 m3/s (10,100 cu ft/s)

The Amguema (Russian: Амгуэ́ма, Chukot: Оʼмваам, O'mvaam;[1] in its upper course Вульвывее́м, Vulvyveyem[2]) is a stream located in Far East Siberia. It empties into the Chukchi Sea between Cape Schmidt and Cape Vankarem.[3] It is 498 kilometres (309 mi) long, and has a drainage basin of 28,100 square kilometres (10,800 sq mi).[4]


The river flows roughly from SW to NE across the Chukotka Mountains. It belongs to the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug administrative region of Russia.[5] The Ekityki is the main, left-side tributary of the Amguema.[6]

Upriver there is the small town of Amguema, where about 600 mostly Chukchi people live.[7]

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