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AmiKit logo
AmiKit screenshot
Above: New AmiKit logo introduced in 2011.
Below: AmiKit screenshot.
Developer Jan Zahurancik & Contributors
OS family AmigaOS
Working state Publicly released
Initial release 2005; 12 years ago (2005)
Latest release 8.5.1 / October 2015; 1 year ago (2015-10)
Available in Multilingual
Update method automatic via Live Update
Platforms Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, m68k
License Freeware
Official website

AmiKit is a freeware compilation of more than 350 pre-installed Amiga programs. An integrated emulator enables the user to experience this high-end AmigaOS configuration on Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Android systems. An external source of Amiga ROMs and operating system is required, however.


  • Turns your Windows, Mac, Linux or Android system into high-end Amiga environment
  • Easy and fully automated installation and un-installation
  • Automatic Live Updates (no need to re-install everything when new update appears)
  • Three different working environments: Directory Opus Magellan, Scalos, Workbench
  • The newest programs (more than 350 included), some of them are exclusive
  • TrueType fonts, DualPNG icons and 24bit visual themes
  • Easy and automated installation of various add-ons (games, expert programs, etc.)
  • Easy and automated installation of the largest collection of OS3.9 patches

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