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AmiKit x screenshot
Screenshot of AmiKit X first released in 2017
DeveloperJán Zahurančík & Contributors
OS familyAmigaOS
Working statePublicly released
Initial release2005; 14 years ago (2005)
Latest releaseXE (11.0.0) / May 10, 2019; 5 months ago (2019-05-10)
Available inMultilingual
Update methodautomatic via Live Update
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS, Linux
LicenseFreeware Commercial

AmiKit is a compilation of 420 pre-installed and pre-configured Amiga programs (Amiga software built for Motorola 68k CPU) running on Windows, macOS, Linux computers thanks to integrated emulator (WinUAE). AmiKit version 8 for Windows and Bootable, and AmiKit version 9 for macOS are available free of charge. AmiKit version 11 (also called XE) is available for purchase for Windows, macOS and Linux.


  • Besides original Workbench, AmiKit offers Directory Opus Magellan and Scalos as desktop replacements
  • Includes 420 pre-installed and pre-configured Amiga programs (Tools, Utilities, Games and Demos) freely available from Aminet and other sources
  • "Rabbit Hole" feature allows to launch Windows, Mac or Linux applications directly from Amiga desktop
  • Supports HD Ready (720p) and FullHD (1080p) resolutions in 32-bit screen modes
  • Features TrueType fonts, DualPNG icons (by Ken Lester) and 24-bit visual themes (including Dark Mode, Modern Retro, etc.)
  • Dropbox and Google Drive support


AmiKit requires Windows 7 (or better) or macOS (10.08 up to 10.14) or Linux (x86/64 able to run PlayOnLinux).

For AmiKit to work, the original AmigaOS (version 3.x) and Kickstart ROM (version 3.1) are required. The following sources are supported:

  • AmigaOS XL CD or ISO
  • AmigaOS 3.9 CD or ISO (also available in Amiga Forever from Cloanto, including required Kickstart ROM)
  • AmigaOS 3.5 CD or ISO
  • AmigaOS 3.1 available on AmigaOS4.1 FE CD or ISO from Hyperion Entertainment (also includes required Kickstart ROM)
  • AmigaOS 3.1.4 ZIP from Hyperion Entertainment (also includes required Kickstart ROM)

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