Ami Kondo

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Ami Kondo
Medal record
Women's judo
Representing  Japan
Olympic Games
Bronze medal – third place 2016 Rio de Janeiro –48 kg
World Championships
Gold medal – first place 2014 Chelyabinsk –48 kg
Bronze medal – third place 2015 Astana –48 kg
Bronze medal – third place 2017 Budapest –48 kg
Asian Games
Silver medal – second place 2018 Jakarta-Palembang –48 kg

Ami Kondo (近藤 亜美, Kondo Ami, born 9 May 1995 in Nagoya) is a female Japanese judoka.


The daughter of a sumo wrestler,[1] Kondo started judo at the age of 5.[2] Her favorite technique is Harai goshi.[2]

In 2011, she won the gold medal in the -48 kg weight class at the World Judo Championships Cadet.[2] In 2013, she won the gold medal in the -48 kg weight class at the Grand Slam Tokyo by defeating olympic champion Sarah Menezes and world champion Mönkhbatyn Urantsetseg.[1] In 2014, she belonged to Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group after graduating from Taisei High School.[3] She won the gold medal in the Extra-lightweight (48 kg) division at the 2014 World Judo Championships at the age of 19.[3]


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