Ami Yamazaki

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Ami Yamazaki
AmiYamazaki photo1.JPG
Native name 山崎 亜美
Born (1980-07-18) July 18, 1980 (age 37)[1]
Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan[citation needed]
Height 1.63 m (5 ft 4 in)[1]

Ami Yamazaki (Japanese: 山崎 亜美, Hepburn: Yamazaki Ami, born July 18, 1980) is a Japanese gravure idol, singer, actress, and AV actress.

Life and career[edit]

In 1993, Ami Yamazaki debuted at 13 years old as a member of the short-lived all-girl J-Pop group Nezumikko Club (ねずみっ子クラブ), or "Mouse Club", with Kasumi Nakane and others.[2][3][4] That same year, she started a career as junior idol, posing for the photo-book Shōjo Ami/Ami Yamazaki (少女亜美/山崎亜美) (ISBN 9784886410757) by Shōji Ōtake.

She soon left her entertainment career to concentrate on school but returned to show business in 2002 when she starred in the erotic action V-cinema production Female Prisoner Kaori - Escape from Detention Punishment Chamber (女囚カオリ・監禁懲罰房からの脱獄).[3][5]

In 2007, at age 26, Yamazaki entered the adult video (AV) industry, making her AV debut in February 2007 with Age 26 Ami Yamazaki - Ex-Idol Unit Nezumikko Club for the Woman label, part of the Soft On Demand group of companies.[6][7] She continued appearing in AVs through 2007 and 2008 for Woman, Idea Pocket and Attackers.


Release Date[1][8][9] Video title Company Director Notes
2007-02-08 Age 26 Ami Yamazaki - Ex-Idol Unit Nezumikko Club
Age26 山崎亜美 芸能人 元アイドルユニットねずみっ子クラブ
2007-03-08 Former Mickey Mouse Club Member, Ami Yamazaki
Natural High
Itaka Smithring Powder
2007-04-05 Age 26 Ami Yamazaki 2 - High Class Nakadashi Soap Lady
Age26 山崎亜美 2 芸能人 超高級中出しソープ嬢
2007-06-07 Age 26 Ami Yamazaki 3 - Alluring Lascivious Woman World
Age26 山崎亜美 3 芸能人 誘惑痴女世界
2007-07-06 Age 26 Ami Yamazaki 4 - Molester's Captive
Age26 山崎亜美 4 芸能人 痴漢の虜
Nomao Beidu
2007-08-04 Age 26 Ami Yamazaki 5 - Confinement Rape Cum Entertainer
Age26 山崎亜美 4 芸能人 痴漢の虜
Nomao Beidu
2007-09-01 Lascivious Lady's Prevailing Ways
Idea Pocket Tissue
2007-10-01 Sexual Education Female Teacher
Idea Pocket Tissue
2007-11-01 Temptation Nurse
Idea Pocket Tissue
2008-01-07 Women in Chastity Belt 3
貞操帯の女 3
Attackers Ryubaku
Kenzo Nagira With Ringo Akai
2008-03-07 Real Idol Cruel Industry Tale 7
本物!元アイドル凌辱 業界残酷物語7 しいのまお
Attackers Shark
With Aoki Natsumi
2008-04-07 Bondage Fetish Female Gang Leaders
美人三姉妹 女組長凌辱処刑 極道の女
Attackers Super Special
Eiji Sato With Maki Tomoda & Reika
2008-06-06 Beautiful Female Esthetician Silent Rape
美人エステティシャンサイレントレイプ 声を出せない私 あすかりの 山崎亜美
Attackers Shark
Kenzo Nagira With Rino Asuka


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