Amicie de Courtenay

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Amicie of Courtenay
Spouse(s) Robert II, Count of Artois
Noble family Capetian House of Courtenay
Father Peter of Courtenay
Mother Pétronille of Joigny
Born 1250
Died 1275

Amicie of Courtenay (1250–1275) was a French noblewoman and a member of the Capetian House of Courtenay, a cadet line of the House of Capet.

Her father was Peter of Courtenay,[1] Lord of Conches and Mehun (1218-1250); he fell in the Battle of Al Mansurah during the Seventh Crusade. Amicie's mother was Pétronille of Joigny,[1] the daughter of Gaucher de Joigny.

She married Count Robert II of Artois (1250-1302),[1] together they had three children:


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