Amidža Konak

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Amidža Konak
La Résidence Amidža à Kragujevac.jpg
Front of the Konak
General information
Architectural style Balkan
Location Kragujevac, Serbia
Construction started 1819
Completed 1824
Client Sima Milosavljević-Paštrmc
(Miloš Obrenović)

Amidža Konak (Serbian: Амиџин конак, from Turkish: amca meaning "uncle". English: Uncle's Residence) is a 19th-century residence of Turkish-style architecture located in the old part of the city of Kragujevac in central Serbia. It was built in 1819-1824 by Serbian Prince Miloš Obrenović, and it was named after Sima Milosavljević-Paštrmac, called Amidža, a Serbian hajduk and staff member of the court of Obrenović. Only Amidža Konak remained from large complex of building that existed during Miloš Obrenović time. Nearby, Miloš's Konak existed, and it was destroyed in 1941, during World War II, and also, Princess Ljubica Konak, that burned down in 1884.

Amidža Konak served as a residence of Sima and his colleagues that passed through Kragujevac, and now serves as a national museum.[1]

It is part of Cultural Monuments of Great Importance.

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Coordinates: 44°00′33″N 20°54′40″E / 44.00917°N 20.91111°E / 44.00917; 20.91111