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Amidrine, Midrin, Nodolor, Duradrin, IDA, Migquin, Migrin-A, Migrazone or Epidrine is a combination drug consisting of paracetamol, dichloralphenazone and isometheptene used to treat migraines and severe, refractory headaches.[1]



Midrin was discontinued by Caraco Pharmaceuticals as of 2009, after an FDA seizure of 33 drugs manufactured by Caraco Pharmaceuticals due to cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) violations.[2] Generic forms of Amidrine were also discontinued due to loss of FDA grandfather approval status. Thus, manufacturer interest faded. The discontinued generic forms are: Amidrine (Actavis), Duradrin (Barr), I.D.A (Teva), Migquin (Qualitest), Migrin-A (Prasco) and Migrazone (Breckenridge).[3] However, it is now being manufactured by Macoven Pharmaceuticals and marketed under the name Nodolor, as of April 2014. It can also be obtained through a compounding pharmacy with a doctor's prescription.


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