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Amietophrynus regularis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Bufonidae
Genus: Amietophrynus
Frost et al., 2006

See text.

Amietophrynus is a large genus of true toads native to Africa. Originally, all Amietophrynus species were included in the genus Bufo. The genus was split due to large enough taxonomic divergence.

Ohler and Dubois[1] showed in 2016 that Sclerophrys capensis Tschudi, 1838 is the same species as Bufo regularis rangeri Hewitt, 1935, the type species of Amietophrynus. Because the former name is older, the implication is that Amietophrynus is a junior synonym of Sclerophrys.[1][2] This change is not yet reflected in Wikipedia.


Binomial name and author Common name(s)
Amietophrynus asmarae (Tandy, Bogart, Largen & Feener, 1982) Asmara toad
Amietophrynus blanfordii (Boulenger, 1882) Blanford's toad
Amietophrynus brauni (Nieden, 1911) Braun's toad, dead-leaf toad
Amietophrynus buchneri (Peters, 1882) Buchner's toad
Amietophrynus camerunensis (Parker, 1936) Oban toad
Amietophrynus chudeaui (Chabanaud, 1919) Bata marsh toad
Amietophrynus cristiglans (Inger & Menzies, 1961) Tingi Hills toad
Amietophrynus danielae (Perret, 1977) Ivory Coast toad
Amietophrynus djohongensis (Hulselmans, 1977)
Amietophrynus fuliginatus (Witte, 1932) Shaba Province toad, sooty toad
Amietophrynus funereus (Bocage, 1866) Angola toad, somber toad
Amietophrynus garmani (Meek, 1897) Garman's toad, olive toad, northern mottled toad
Amietophrynus gracilipes (Boulenger, 1899) French Congo toad
Amietophrynus gutturalis (Power, 1927) Lobatsi toad, guttural toad, square-marked toad
Amietophrynus kassasii (Baha El Din, 1993) Damietta toad
Amietophrynus kerinyagae (Keith, 1968) Keith's toad
Amietophrynus kisoloensis (Loveridge, 1932) Kisolo toad
Amietophrynus langanoensis (Largen, Tandy & Tandy, 1978) Lake Langano toad
Amietophrynus latifrons (Boulenger, 1900) high tropical forest toad
Amietophrynus lemairii (Boulenger, 1901) Pweto toad, Lemaire's toad, yellow swamp toad
Amietophrynus maculatus (Hallowell, 1854) Hallowell's toad, flat-backed toad, striped toad
Amietophrynus mauritanicus (Schlegel, 1841) Berber toad, Moroccan toad
Amietophrynus pantherinus (Smith, 1828) panther toad, southern panther toad
Amietophrynus pardalis (Hewitt, 1935) Gleniffer toad, leopard toad, august toad, snoring toad
Amietophrynus perreti (Schiøtz, 1963) Perret's toad
Amietophrynus poweri (Hewitt, 1935) Kimberley toad, Power's toad
Amietophrynus rangeri (Hewitt, 1935) Kei Road toad, Ranger's toad, raucous toad
Amietophrynus reesi (Poynton, 1977) Merera toad
Amietophrynus regularis (Reuss, 1833) square-marked toad, African toad
Amietophrynus steindachneri (Pfeffer, 1893) Steindachner’s toad
Amietophrynus superciliaris (Boulenger, 1888) Zaire toad, Cameroon toad
Amietophrynus taiensis (Rödel and Ernst, 2000)
Amietophrynus togoensis (Ahl, 1924) Togo toad
Amietophrynus tuberosus (Günther, 1858) Fernando Po toad
Amietophrynus turkanae (Tandy & Feener, 1985) Lake Turkana toad
Amietophrynus urunguensis (Loveridge, 1932) Urungu toad
Amietophrynus villiersi (Angel, 1940) Villier's toad
Amietophrynus vittatus (Boulenger, 1906) banded toad, Degen's toad
Amietophrynus xeros (Tandy, Tandy, Keith & Duff-MacKay, 1976) Subsaharan toad, Waza toad, savannah toad


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