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Amiga is the name of a series of personal computers. The Amiga name may also refer to the following:.

Amiga (the Portuguese, Spanish, Occitan and Catalan word for "friend" in the feminine, i.e. "female friend") may also refer to:

Businesses and products[edit]

  • Amiga Corporation, the company (now defunct) that originally developed the Amiga personal computer
    • AmigaOS, the operating system of the Amiga personal computer
    • Commodore-Amiga, Inc., a subsidiary of Commodore International (both now defunct) that developed and marketed models of the Amiga personal computer
    • Amiga Technologies GmbH, a subsidiary of Escom (both now defunct) that was set up following their purchase of Commodore International in 1996
    • Amiga, Inc. (South Dakota), the original 1997 Gateway subsidiary named Amiga, Inc. (incorporated in the US state of South Dakota)
    • Amiga, Inc., the company that currently holds the trademark to Amiga (incorporated in the US state of Delaware)
    • Amiga 1000, the first Amiga computer, originally known simply as the Amiga
  • Amiga (record label), a record label that originated in East Germany


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