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Amiga was a record label for popular music of the VEB Deutsche Schallplatten in Berlin, German Democratic Republic. In 1994 it became a label of the Bertelsmann Music Group.

In 1947 German actor and singer Ernst Busch got from the Soviet Military Administration in Germany the permission to create a record label, that got its name Amiga the same year. Since 1954 Amiga was part of the VEB Deutsche Schallplatten – a state-owned record company having the monopoly on record production. The label Amiga was used to release following music genres:

Its catalogue consists of 2,200 albums (plus about five thousand singles) with a total of 30,000 titles. Since 1994 Amiga (now spelled capitalizing only the first letter) is part of Bertelsmann Music Group, reissuing around 200 records with tracks from the back catalogue.

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