Amigo Holdings

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Amigo Holdings
Traded asLSEAMGO
Key people
Stephan Wilcke, Chairman
Glen Crawford, CEO
ServicesHigh interest loans
Revenue£210.8 million (2018)[1]
£66.1 million (2018)[1]
£50.6 million (2018)[1]

Amigo Holdings is a high-interest lender. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.


Amigo Holdings' offices in Bournemouth

The company was established as a high-interest lender by James Benamor in 2005.[2] Benamor stood down as CEO, handing over the role to Glen Crawford, in 2015.[2] In June 2018 the company was the subject of an initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange which valued the company at £1.3 billion.[2]


The company is a business which issues high-interest loans that are usually guaranteed by a borrower's family or friends.[3] The amount lent is up to £10,000 and the interest rate is typically just under 50% per annum.[4] The company has secured around 90% of the guarantor loan market.[4]


Approximately 63.5% of the company is owned by Richmond Group, a business controlled by the James Benamor, the founder.[5]


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