Amigos Por Vida Friends For Life Charter School

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Coordinates: 29°43′20″N 95°28′45″W / 29.7221°N 95.4792°W / 29.7221; -95.4792

Amigos Por Vida Friends For Life Charter School
Sierra Vista Apartments

Amigos Por Vida Friends For Life Charter School ("Amigos por Vida" is "Friends for Life" in Spanish) is a state charter school located in the Sierra Vista Apartments in Gulfton, Houston.[1]

As of 2007 the school has 430 students. During that year the school was located within several converted two and three bedroom apartment units in the Sierra Vista complex. A former clubhouse served as a cafeteria. Two efficiency units served as a library. A series of fences partially separated the school area from the residential area. As of 2007 the school rented 27 units and paid $33,500 per month. Jennifer Radcliffe of the Houston Chronicle said "The proximity is ideal for the impoverished immigrant community: Kids have few excuses for missing class and, when they do, teachers are a short walk from their front doors."[2] In addition, parents can easily attend school meetings and functions.[2]

As of 2007 the school has a long waiting list, and is engaging in a capital campaign to raise funds so it can move into a new building.[1] The school hopes to establish a permanent campus with science laboratory facilities and a soccer field.[2]


The school first opened in 1999.[3]

In 2006, due to high Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) scores, the school received the Governor's Excellence Award. In September 2007 the U.S. Department of Education gave the school an award for helping remove the achievement gap between socioeconomically wealthy students and socioeconomically poor students.[2]

The lease in Sierra Vista was scheduled to expire in May 2009.[2]


The school uses a dual-immersion bilingual education program, teaching students in English and Spanish. As of 2007, first and second graders alternate between English and Spanish with one half of the day dedicated to one language, and one half dedicated to the other. With third graders and higher, each week uses one language.[1]

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