Amigos X Siempre (soundtrack)

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¡Amigos X Siempre!
Amigos X Siempre CD.jpg
Soundtrack album by Amigos X Siempre
Released February 17, 2000 (MEX)[1]
October 24, 2000 (US)[2]
Recorded 2000
Genre Pop, latin pop
Length 39:04
Label Sony BMG,[2] RCA International[3]
Producer Alejandro Abaroa[4]

¡Amigos X Siempre! is a soundtrack for the Mexican television series ¡Amigos X Siempre! ("Friends 4 Ever"), it was released in Mexico by Sony BMG.


The CD contains the music from the series performed for the cast, including Belinda, Martín Ricca, Ernesto Laguardia, Adriana Fonceca and the "Amigos X Siempre": Ronald, Oscar, Daniela, Naidelyn, Christopher, Griselle Margarita and Mickey.[5] The soundtrack was certified platinum in Mexico.[1]

Track listing[edit]

1."Amigos X Siempre"Alejandro Abaroa, Jesús Flores "La Bota"[6][7]3:16
2."La Fuerza de la Amistad"Alejandro Abaroa, Jesús Flores "La Bota"[8][9]2:50
3."Mi Ángel de Amor"Eduardo Meza Rodríguez[10][11]3:22
4."Pasó, Pasó"Alejandro Abaroa, Christina Abaroa, Claudia Brant[12][13]3:08
5."Te Extraño"Christina Abaroa, Alejandro Abaroa, Pablo Aguirre, Claudia Brant[14]3:14
6."El Ritmo de La Vida"Christina Abaroa, Alejandro Abaroa, Pablo Aguirre[15]4:02
7."Cuestión de Tiempo"Christina Abaroa, Alejandro Abaroa, Pablo Aguirre[16]3:11
8."Dame Una Salida"Christina Abaroa, Alejandro Abaroa, Pablo Aguirre[17]3:07
9."Alcanzar la Libertad"Alejandro Abaroa, Jesús Flores "La Bota"[18][19]3:00
10."Todo Puede Suceder"Alejandro Abaroa, Alejandro Carballo, Luis Ángel Pastor[20][21]3:45
11."Pacto de Amor"Christina Abaroa, Alejandro Abaroa, Jesús Flores "La Bota"[22][23]3:28
12."Himno del Heróico Instituto Vidal"Alejandro Abaroa[24][25]2:41
Total length:39:04

Charts and certifications[edit]


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