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Amin Investment Bank
Industry Financial services
Founded Tehran, Iran , 2007
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Key people
Hossein Adeli (Chairman),
Products commercial banking, investment banking, loans, Mergers and acquisitions
Increase Rialsymbol.svg 680 Million IRR (2010)
Total assets Increase Rialsymbol.svg 800 Billion IRR (2010)

AminIB, also known as Amin Investment Bank (Persian: شرکت تأمین سرمایه امین‎), is a major Iranian banking establishment offering commercial and investment banking services.[1] The company was established in 2007 as part of the government's economic reform of the banking system.[2]

The bank specializes in services relating to Iran's petrochemical industry and mining sectors, representing the interests of the Abadan Refinery, and IMIDRO.[3]

In 2007, the bank had initial equity capital of $100 million.[2]


In addition to offering short and fixed deposit accounts for domestic and overseas clients, the bank also provides mergers and acquisitions services, risk management, financing and corporate loans.[4]

Corporate governance[edit]

Current members of the board of directors include: Mahmoud Bahmani, Masoud Gharaati, Reza Raei, Mehdi Ghadami, Ali Asgari, Saeed KhodaMoradi, MohammadReza Rostami.

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