Amin Hayai

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Amin Hayai
Amin Hayai.jpg
Born Amin Hayaei
(1970-06-09) June 9, 1970 (age 46)
Tehran, Iran
Years active 1990–present
Spouse(s) Niloofar Khoshkholgh (m. 2004)

Amin Hayaei (Persian: امین حیایی, born June 9, 1970 in Tehran, Iran‎‎) is an Iranian actor of Persian descent. He is married to Niloofar Khoshkholgh, who is an Iranian actress.[1]


He started acting in theater along his education. After finishing highschool, he served military service, and also acted in the art center of air force army. In 1991 he acted in a theatrical show for kid with the directorship of Soraya Ghasemi. It took him long to get a main actor role in movies, and he was not successful in his first movie "Eve's Red Apple". In 2002, he was the top actor having played the most movies in one year with six including "The Smell of Heaven" and "Mani and Neda". He has also won the best male actor award in Fajr film festival for the movie "Night" in 2007. Also in the fifteenth Fajr Film Festival he was nominated for the best actor in supporting role for the movie "Splinters of Sun'.


Film Year Film's name in Persian
Mhammad bahrami فلاح
Rejime Talaei 2012 رژیم طلایی
Khod Zanii 2011 خودزنی
King's Hat 2012 کلاه پهلوی
Golden Collars 2012 قلاده‌های طلا
Sakhte Iran 2012 ساخت ایران
Six And Five 2011 شیش و بش
Ekhrajiha 3 2011 اخرااااجیها ۳
Poupak and Mash Mashallah 2010 پوپک و مش ماشالله
The Outcast 2 2009 اخراجی‌ها ۲
Women Are Angels 2008 زن‌ها فرشته اند
The Tambourine 2008 دایره زنگی
Mask 2007 نقاب
The Outcast 2007 اخرجی ها
The Trap 2006 تله
Guest 2006 مهمان
Wedding Dinner 2005 شام عروسی
Aquarium 2005 آکواریوم
The Running Bride 2004 عروس فراریه
Coma 2003 کما
Mother's Guests 2003 مهمان مامان
Stray Dog 2003 سگ ولگرد
Persian Girl 2002 دختر ایرونی
Mani And Neda 2002 مانی و ندا
The Neighbors 2002 همسایه ها
The Intruder 2002 تکیه بر باد
Leaning on the Wind 2000 براده های خورشید
Apartment 1999 آپارتمان
Eve’s Red Apple 1998 گارد ویژه
Ethereal 1997 حامی
Supporter 1995 پرتگاه
Two Coin's Sides 1992 دو روی سکه
Ice flower 1991 دو همسفر


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