Amin, Kurukshetra

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Amin is located in Haryana
Amin is located in India
Location in Haryana, India
Coordinates: 29°55′N 76°51′E / 29.917°N 76.850°E / 29.917; 76.850Coordinates: 29°55′N 76°51′E / 29.917°N 76.850°E / 29.917; 76.850
Country  India
State Haryana
District Kurukshetra
 • Official Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 136038
Telephone code 9034101036, 9896527687
ISO 3166 code IN-HR
Vehicle registration HR
Nearest city Kurukshetra
Lok Sabha constituency Kurukshetra
Vidhan Sabha constituency Thanesar

The village of Amin is about 8 kilometers from the historical city of Kurukshetra. The village was considered the "Tika" or head village of the Ror community until the census of 1891 by the British officials.[1]

Amin Fort[edit]

There is a very old fort in the village of Amin. This fort is situated at a higher level than the rest of the village. People say that this fort belonged to Abhimanyu, the son of Arjun in the Mahabharat times. Folklore also says that the Pandavas arrayed their forces before the last battle in the war of Mahabharat at Amin.


The men of Amin are mostly from the Ror and Brahmin communities, with the Rors belonging to Chauhan and the Brahmins to Vats and Parashar gotra. The village is also inhabited by people from backward and scheduled castes as well as migrants who came from Pakistan to India in 1947. The main occupation of the Ror and Brahmin communities is agriculture. Chaudhary Punarvasu chauhan is the sarpanch at present time.Prof Madan Mohan is the first Professor from this village who was born in Goswami family and who did his 8th standard from govt school in 1966. First person from Amin to work for United Nations (UN). He is now Professor in Delhi university and was also Dean of Research. First person to be FNA-fellow of National Academy of science from this village. First person to be National Awardee (Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Award in Agricultural Biotechnology) in Science.


There is a local saying that the Indian Volleyball team always has at least one Ror from this village. Examples are Arjuna Award winner Dalel Singh and Balkar Singh, who has also had the distinction of captaining the national team. Dr Dalel singh is currently the director of sports in kurukshetra university kurukshetra. Volleyball Players of Amin play for BSF, CRPF, Indian Army, Indian railway, ONGC, Haryana Police etc.

Amin Surya Kund Tirth[edit]

In the village is a "tirth-sthal" (holy spot) called "Surya Kund", where mother Aditi gave birth to the Sun God (Surya Dev).[2] This spot is said to be empowered by the hard worship of 86,000 Rishi-Munis. The villagers generally leave the "asthi kalash" ("asthi"" are the mortal remains from the cremation after the funeral pyre is burnt and kalash is the pot, asthi kalash means the pot that contains the mortal remains) after cremation in that Amin Surya kund sarovar even though other Hindus take them to the Ganges River in Haridwar. A strong myth prevails that if any pregnant lady takes a bath in that holy kund, then the upcoming male child will have excellent qualities like bravery and power.

Modern amenities[edit]

The village has had a Haryana Government veterinary hospital to cater to the needs of the village husbandsmen for quite some time. There is a school that provides education until senior secondary level. There is a stadium on the name of Late Mr. Sunil Chauhan. The village also has a pond that is used for pisciculture. This village has a first IPS officer Sh. Ishwar Singh, who is at the time an IG posted in Punjab. Smt. Kusum I.R.S. also belongs to Amin sh. Umesh Chander Upadhyay DIG (RTD).This village has a first Direct SDO Sh. Deepak Bamnia Irrigation & Water resources department, Haryana (direct recruitment in year 2014 by Hpsc),Who is at the time posted inJagadhri,Haryana Punjab police belongs to Amin sh. Ram Chandra Upadhyay, who was the first gazetted officer of Amin in army headquarters. Sh Madan Mohan Upadhyay from Amin served Rashtrapati Bhavan and Rashrapati Nivas Simla.Proff. Dr RAMKUMAR CHAUHAN who is Head of the deptt of computer and science application in kurukshetra university is from Amin. Dr Dalel singh chauhan who is awarded most prestigious award in 1990 is from Amin. He is also considered a best player of indian volleyball team in 80's to 90's also captained india.


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