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Amina Said, also spelled Amina Saïd (born 1953 in Tunis) is a francophone Tunisian author.

Said was born to a Tunisian father and a French mother and has been living in Paris since 1978 where she studied Literature at the Sorbonne.[1] She has published several books of poetry, Tunisian folk stories, short stories and essays. Much of her work has been translated into several languages, mainly Arabic, German, Turkish, English and Italian.[2] Said has translated works by the Filipino writer Francisco Sionil Jose from English into French.

Said received the Jean Malrieu Prize in 1989 for Feu d'oiseaux and in 1994 the Charles Vildrac Prize. She is a member of the jury (poetry) for the Prix Max-Pol-Fouchet.[3] The Australian composer Richard Mills used her poetry for his work Songlines of the Heart's Desire (2007).

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