Amina Sow Mbaye

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Amina Sow Mbaye (born 25 September 1937) is a Senegalese writer and educator.[1]

She was born in Saint-Louis. Because her father was in the military, she attended primary schools in various cities and then secondary school in Saint-Louis. She obtained her Brevet d'éducation du premier cycle, trained for three additional months and then taught school in Dagana and then Saint-Louis. After she completed her Brevet Supérieur de Capacité, she became headmistress of the Écoles normales régionales in Saint-Louis.[2]

Mbaye has served as president of the Senegalese Federation of Women's Associations and of the Ordre national du Lion du Sénégal [fr]. She was also the first qualified female basketball umpire in Senegal.[2]

Selected works[edit]

  • Mademoiselle, novel (1984)
  • Pour le sang du mortier, novel (2001)
  • Petit essai sur la vieillesse (essay) and Les Bulles (poetry) (2007)


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