Amina of the Maldives

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Amina of the Maldives
Lady of twelve thousand isles,
the Sultana of the Maldives
Reign 1757–1759
Predecessor Muhammad Imaduddin III
Successor Hasan 'Izz ud-din
Full name
Amina Rani Kilegefa’anu
Dynasty Dhiyamigili
Father Muhammad Imaduddin III

Amina Rani Kilegefa’anu (fl. 1759) was a monarch, as Sultana regnant, of the Maldives from 1757 until 1759. She had acted as regent from 1753 until 1757.

Amina was the daughter of Sultan Muhammad Imaduddin III, and the sister of Amina Kabafa’anu and Sultan Al-Haj Muhammed. In 1752, her father was abducted by Ali Raja of Cannanore and imprisoned at the Laccadives. Her paternal aunt, Sanfa Rendi Kabafa'anu, functioned as regent. In reality, however, Muleegey Dom Hassan Maniku had the real power. Amina succeeded her aunt as her father's nominal regent in 1753 and remained in this position until 1757. After her father's death in 1757, she succeeded him as monarch and became Sultana of the Maldives. She reigned until 1759.

Titles, styles, and honours[edit]

Titles and styles [1][edit]

  • Before 1753: Princess Amina Rani Kilegefa’anu of the Maldive Islands
  • 1753-57: Nominal Regent Princess Amina Rani Kilegefa’anu of the Maldive Islands
  • 1757-59: Her Highness The Sultana of Land and Sea, Lady of the twelve-thousand islands and Sultana of the Maldives


Preceded by
Muhammad Imaduddin III
Sultan of the Maldives
Succeeded by
Hasan 'Izz ud-din