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This article is about the person mentioned in the Book of Mormon. For the distant ancestor of Jesus Christ, see Amminadab.
For the Israeli village, see Aminadav.

According to the Book of Mormon, Aminadab (/əˈmɪn.ə.dæb/[1]) was a Nephite who fell away from the church, and became associated with the Lamanites.[2]

In the Book of Helaman, after Nephi had given up the Chief Judgment Seat to Cezoram, he and his brother Lehi went to the land of Nephi to preach the Gospel to the Lamanites. They are taken prisoners by the Lamanites, and kept under guard.

Lamanite prisons[edit]

One day, it is said, that angels came and wrapped Nephi and Lehi in fire, while a cloud of darkness surrounded the people. The Lamanite guards wondered what was going on, and Aminadab told them that he could see them "convers[ing] with the angels of God". When they asked him "What shall we do, that this cloud of darkness may be removed from overshadowing us?" Aminadab answered: "You must repent, and cry unto the voice, even until ye shall have faith in Christ".

From the verses following, it is assumed that he also prayed in faith, had his body encircled about with fire, and became converted again to the Gospel. Aminadab's testimony helped to convert three hundred Lamanites who had witnessed the events.

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