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Amingaon /ˈɑ:mɪnˌgɑ̃ʊ/ is a locality in North Guwahati. Amingaon is the district headquarter of Kamrup (Rural) district of Assam. It is also future hub of Assam with many mega projects due to massive expansion of Guwahati metropolitan city.


It is at 26°11′0″N 91°40′0″E / 26.18333°N 91.66667°E / 26.18333; 91.66667 at an elevation of 31 m (102 ft) above mean sea level.[1]


National Highway 31 passes through Amingaon. The nearest airport is Guwahati Airport.


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Coordinates: 26°11′18″N 91°40′42″E / 26.18833°N 91.67833°E / 26.18833; 91.67833